Taste your time

With PickEat you can pre-order your favorite dishes, directly from the office and enjoy your lunch break without wasting time, it’s easy!

Find out why to pre-order with PickEat

Lunch break does not have unlimited time, optimise your time and avoid long waits at the restaurant by pre-ordering your dishes and paying directly online

A fast sandwich break and you already have to go back to work?

With PickEat you can pre-order while you’re  still in the office and go eat your favorite dish whenever you want!

Meeting at 2pm and you’re still in line to pay?

With PickEat you can pay directly on the app, all you have to do is enjoy your meal and take a breath of fresh air before returning to the office.

Can’t live without pre-ordering on PickEat anymore?

From today, book with PickEat, have dinner without waiting and enjoy a cocktail or a relaxing walk with friends. The weekend is not infinite!

What are you waiting for? Revolutionise the way to order at the restaurant today!

How does it work?

Like any other online pre-order app!

Ah no, they don’t exist 😉

1 - Choose from our restaurants and consult the menus

Search for your favorite restaurant on PickEat and consult the menus wherever and whenever you want.

2 - Book and preorder online

With PickEat, one click is enough to book in your favorite restaurant. Pre-order, reduce waiting times and get ready to enjoy your dishes upon arrival at the restaurant.

3 - Enjoy the moment, we'll take care of everything

With the pre-order you can be served immediately. You will save so much precious time, at the table and at the cashier.

Are you a restaurateur? Do you want to take advantage of the benefits offered by PickEat? Discover our restaurant section!

Food: Italian excellence

PickEat, together with restaurateurs, aims to make the restaurant sector, one of the most affected in the last 2 years, a strength of the Italian economy.

Employees: better quality of life

Using PickEat does not mean eating quickly, it does not mean canceling the culture of food and the restaurant experience.

Using PickEat means enjoying lunch with colleagues and friends without unnecessary waiting, transforming them into moments of leisure, relaxation and returning to work with extra energy.

* il preorder è quella cosa bellissima per cui tu scegli cosa vuoi mangiare e quando arriverai al ristorante sarà già pronto e non dovrai aspettare! Forte no?

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