Manage orders with PickEat and increase revenue

PickEat is the right choice to better manage your restaurant.

Increase table turnover, reduce waste and give an extra boost to revenues!

What are the benefits?

Digital Menu

With PickEat you can enter your menus (fixed and à la carte) and make them available to your customers digitally and available online or via NFC card.

Online reservations and orders in advance

The pre-order will allow you to organise in the best possible way, optimising the time and the preparation line in the kitchen, responding to the needs of your target customers.

Receive digital payments

With PickEat, your customers will be able to pay you directly from the app, avoiding long waits at the checkout.

Take Away

With PickEat it will be possible to receive orders from your customers for take away, optimising your menus available for this features

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PickEat’s advantages

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