The mobile ordering app for stadiums and live events.

Keep spectators engaged in the action and out of the queues with PickEat: the mobile
F&B ordering platform that boosts event revenue.


While spectators enjoy food and drinks with no stress, restaurants enjoy additional
cash flow.

0 %
higher average spend

With PickEat, spectators spend more per transaction.

0 %
order multiple times

Spectators make repeated purchases, often placing multiple orders.

0 %
order during off-peak hours

Spectators order at convenient times, alleviating pressure on vendors.

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reduction in individual service time

Food outlets serve more spectators in less time.

Smart food & beverage services are now more accessible than ever.

Enjoy enhanced control with intelligent technology that seamlessly integrates with
your events, sport matches, and festivals.

Higher average spend per person

Spectators spend more and more frequently, resulting in organic revenue growth simply by implementing PickEat.

Resource optimization

Optimize resources by receiving pre-orders in advance, enabling efficient ingredient and product management in the kitchen, streamlined operations, and waste reduction.

Cash flow increase

Boost cash flow by accepting pre-orders in advance and/or offering promotions to customers, allowing for upfront payments and greater financial liquidity before the

Food outlet management technology

Food outlets can enhance staff efficiency with PickEat’s intelligent order management features, order throttling, and technology.

Venue-specific integrations

PickEat seamlessly integrates with POS systems, existing technological infrastructure, and can be integrated into native apps.

Venue-specific maps

Tailored mapping solutions for your event venue ensure that people find and arrive at the right place, at the right time.

PickEat improved our member experience.
PickEat’s first MVP allowed us to provide our attendees with a digital method of reservation in 2021. In 2022, we used it in two restaurants and three food stands. PickEat enabled us to have restaurants sold out three days prior to the event’s conclusion and to have attendees deposit money into our bank account three to five days before the event. We were able to increase food sales by 20% thanks to PickEat, but more importantly, we were able to cut costs and food waste by 42% because we were aware of the attendees’ orders in advance. We renewed our agreement with PickEat for 2023, and we’ll use it at the festival in all 30 food trucks in addition to our two restaurants

-Salvatore Santese, President, Mercatino del Gusto

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