Receive orders from smartphones, tailored for your event.

PickEat is customized for every event or food venue, maximizing earnings and optimizing operations.

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We present you PickEat

PickEat is the mobile ordering platform specifically designed for large venues and live events. Attendees can enjoy a seamless and fast ordering experience directly at the food outlets, while businesses thrive with contactless and efficient service, increased revenue, cost optimization, improved cash flow, new marketing opportunities, software integrations, and more. With PickEat, you can personalize your food service by going digital, set up designated pickup areas, effectively manage volumes, and efficiently fulfill digital orders, all in coordination with your existing operations


Spectators spend more and more frequently, resulting in organic revenue growth simply by implementing PickEat.

Optimize resources by receiving pre-orders in advance, enabling efficient ingredient and product management in the kitchen, streamlined operations, and waste reduction.

Boost cash flow by accepting pre-orders in advance and/or offering promotions to customers, allowing for upfront payments and greater financial liquidity before the

Food outlets can enhance staff efficiency with PickEat’s intelligent order management features, order throttling, and technology.

PickEat seamlessly integrates with POS systems, existing technological infrastructure, and can be integrated into native apps.

Tailored mapping solutions for your event venue ensure that people find and arrive at the right place, at the right time.

How does it work for your attendees?

Anywhere, anytime, with an intuitive app that anyone can use.

1 - Open the app or scan the QR Code

The attendees open the app or scan a QR code within the venue to view nearby food outlets.

2 - Select the products

The attendees browse the list of food outlets, choose the desired products, and proceed to payment with pickup

3 - Relax and enjoy the event

The attendees skip the line and enjoy the moment while their order is being prepared.

4 - Enjoy your order
without waiting

The attendees are notified via a notification that their order is available for pickup.

Request a demo now!

Watch the video for a  preview and contact us for a detailed demo.

Request a demo now!

Watch the video for a preview and contact us for a detailed demo.